Mosaic, endgrain cutting board
Mosaic, endgrain cutting board

Mosaic, endgrain cutting board

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My cutting and charcuterie boards are made with the finest selections of beautiful wood. The cutting boards are mosaic designs of endgrain wood.  The endgrain is exceedingly durable, self healing, rich in color and won't dull knives.  They are pretreated with an oil/wax concoction that is food safe and protects the wood from drying out.  I include a 2oz bottle of my own blend of natural oils and beeswax for future board conditioning. Also included is a set of handmade, wood stand-blocks to display your board vertically on any flat surface.

This gorgeous cutting board is a mosaic of three different colors of maple and black walnut.  Creating an incredible illusion of 3-D.


Dimensions are 9 1/4 x 15 x 13/16"