Handmade, wood collectibles for the discerning fly fisher


Flygrain. Who and why

Its been several years since Flygrain was born. It took off like wildfire in the beginning and I waded through piles of sawdust for the first years trying to keep up with the demand.  My love for fly fishing and woodworking was in full bloom. 

But as some of you may know, its near impossible to make a living in this industry. Which is why I had to let Flygrain go and return to my responsibilities as a contractor.  As time has passed and I'm finding a new balance in my time and finances, Flygrains pulse has slowly surged back to a living heartbeat. I'ts all about balance, so as I prioritize my time, I will still be fully focused on my "day job" as I invest time into my labor of love as I'm able.  So you will see my inventory ebb and flow as I'm able to put my time and heart into Flygrain. 

You're going to start seeing a vastly more diverse range of products than previously as I've explored many wonderful new and challenging  projects.

So please join me as I grow Flygrain once again!

Please be patient as I configure my website and stock its inventory. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. flygrain@gmail.com

Jay Spencer